August 18, 2009

Preserving a Sword Collection

Author: Spartan-Timer
Preserving a Sword Collection

When caring for a sword collection, it’s important to be aware of the factors that can cause damage to the blades and hilts of swords. The leading cause of damage to collectible swords is the oil from human fingers. For example, if the blade is touched by human hands and then not wiped clean, small stains will develop that can cause blemishes to appear over time. These blemishes are near impossible to remove after appearing, so it’s important to avoid touching the blade when possible, and if touched, remove the oils with a soft rag or even a t-shirt. The same principles can apply to the hilt and all other areas of the sword that are metal.

In order to store collectible swords, it’s best to keep them on a wall rack to avoid them becoming damaged. Most collectible swords don’t have sharp edges, so never attempt to cut or hack at an object or risk damaging the blade. For swords with sharp edges, be careful to exercise caution, and keep out of reach of small children and even older children. Collectible words are still weapons and can be dangerous.

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