December 30, 2010

Dressing the part with daggers

Author: Spartan-Timer

I was first introduced to the Society for Creative Anachronism while away at school. Though my college didn’t have many participants, I learned more about SCA through two friends at another school. They would detail their weekly training practices and preparations for the next big battle. As fascinating as weapon training was, I became more interested in the elaborate costumes participants used to clothe themselves during battle.

Every detail from the hauberk down to daggers is thoughtfully researched by the hardcore participants. For instance, a wealthier persona (player) might use a stiletto dagger, while someone who was adept with their left hand might carry a main gauche (French for “left hand”). There are eating daggers made with black antler or white bone handles. There are even bodice daggers for the ladies that can be sewn into a bodice or corset! The level of detail put into developing and clothing a character is amazing!

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