May 28, 2009

Did Elizabeth I of England Wear Battle Armor

Author: Lady of Aquitaine

elizteerlinc4.jpgOver the past weekend the historical movie,  Elizabeth-The Golden Age, was shown on a premium movie channel.  I have seen the film at least four times.  The music is outstanding and inspiring; Cate Blanchett did a remarkable job of portraying the controversial monarch.  One of the most picturesque scenes was the young Elizabeth, wearing full armor, addressing her army to inspire them to greatness against the Spanish invaders.  Who knows if Elizabeth I really straddled a stead,  wore battle armor and carried a sword and lance when she stood before her army? Historical documents report that she did indeed wear armor.  Perhaps she did make the inspiring speech that  in part resulted in  England’s prevailing during this dark time .  They soundly defeated the invading Spanish army and naval fleet.  They became the most dominating and progressive country in Europe.  This action alone led to the British Empire.  Their leader was a young, female Queen, the daughter of Henry VIII’s second murdered wife, Anne Boleyn.

During her time history reports that Elizabeth took a backseat to no one.  She ruled her country with a firm hand, opened its Parliament and helped to enact laws that led to the resurgent European nation.  We need Elizabeth I today “to kick some butt.”

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