April 5, 2010

War through the Ages

Author: Spartan-Timer
roman swords

In our oft-romanticized visions of ancient cultures, we tend to reduce the civilizations down to a few iconic characters and tendencies. Often these are great artists, authors and thinkers whose works have transcended time and are still in publication. We also tend to remember great warriors and leaders that spearheaded epic battles that are emblematic of the times.

While Roman swords and armor were cutting edge weapons of the era, these items seem primitive to us thanks to our nuclear weapons and unmanned drones. As history books are written about the current state of the world, it will be interesting to see how people reflect on our legacy of battle. Will it be romanticized as many of the civilizations that we now consider ancient are, or will today’s societies be looked at as ruthless and bloodthirsty?

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