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November 22, 2011

A Time For Renaissance

Author: Spartan-Timer
medieval helmets

Growing up my best friend and I were obsessed about medieval times. Every year we would go to a Renaissance Fair. We would dress up in our most lavished costumes and partake on the festivities. The food and costumes were amazing to see.

The most extravagant costumes had to be the men. They would dress from head to toe in the most amazing costumes. The medieval helmets themselves were a sight to see. I always wondered just how heavy it was to wear those helmets all day long, especially in the heat.

November 10, 2011

The Legend of Excalibur

Author: Spartan-Timer
medieval armor weapons

If today’s film culture seems obsessed with origin stories, that impulse is really nothing new. Long before the Star Wars prequels came to theaters, T.H. White penned an origin story for the myths of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. These stories had always portrayed Arthur as a fearless hero; White wanted to explore the makings of Arthur by crafting his own piece of fan fiction.

The story was eventually adapted into a beloved Walt Disney animated film called “The Sword in the Stone.” In it, a lowly stable boy named Wart befriends the famous magician Merlin and is taught a series of lessons in what it takes to become a knight. His final task is to pull the mighty fantasy sword Excalibur from the rock where it has been lodged for centuries. Having done so, Wart earns his title as king. This story envelopes medieval armor weapons to a whole new level with such detail to imagination.