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January 21, 2010

Long Live Sparta

Author: Spartan-Timer
Spartan war helmet

Today children and adults alike are resistant to learning history, and TV and film are often the only ways that they are exposed to the events of the past. The film 300 documents the legend of a particular group of Spartan warriors. The Spartans defended their country, and their people, against the stronger and more numerous Persians. The movie proved that the Davids can beat the Goliaths through sheer determination, skill and bravery.

While many people had heard of the Spartans before the movie, the film rekindled an appreciation for the warriors in their Spartan war helmet and armor. Spartan attire has come to symbolize heroism and courage at its finest. Every kid, or kid at heart, wants to own their own set of armor and wanted to be a Spartan warrior, even if it was just in their imagination.

January 10, 2010

Japan’s Medieval Knight–The Samurai

Author: Dark Falcon

samurai.jpgThe term Samurai was first noted in writings of the Eighth Century.  The first Samurai were servants. The word, “Samurai,”means retainer.  As precarious circumstances developed around the inhabitants of the castle, the Samurai were asked to perform military duties.

They first fought with bows and arrows.  As the battles became more fierce, fewer of the archers were seen, because very few possessed the skill to ride and manage to hit their human target.  A more accurate weapon was the  spear (yari) which was  ideal for stabbing a foe to death as well as throwing from the back of a horse.

Confucianism and Zen Buddhism were very strong intellectual influences on the Samurai.  The most important ethical demands made by Confuscianism were filial piety and loyalty, both of which were fundamental to the beliefs of the Samurai. 

When the famous Samurai sword became the most important weapon of the Samurai, it was not a simple matter of just the mastery of the sword.  Confuscianism which was part of the core of the Samurai’s belief, stressed the prowess with the sword combined with the need to serve the master.  The sword was to be more than a simple weaspon, it had to be an answer to life’s questions.

In this blog we have written about swords that possess souls, have names, and are an extension of their human bearer.  The Samurai sword is perhaps the most soulful weapon of any, and we will explore all the facets of the Samurai and his weapons in weeks to come.

January 7, 2010

Knights, Dragons and Fun

Author: Spartan-Timer
medieval décor

If you know someone who is a history buff, medieval décor would be a great gift for them.  If you look online, you can find great selections of medieval inspired art and figurines. From Norse warriors to dragons, there are several resources that have several pieces to choose from.

While some time periods are clearly defined, medieval is a broad term that is used the Middle Ages, which spans over 1,000 years. Because of this, there are literally thousands of distinct accessories that you can use to when outfitting a home to achieve a medieval ambiance. The next time you’re searching for a gift for someone who has their nose buried in the history books, go with something that you’re certain they would enjoy.